School Parliament

The school parliament is the pupils’ body which meets once a week and allows pupils to communicate with school management and in democratic way to solve problems and satisfy pupils’ needs and interests. It motivates pupils to participate in school events and supports the ability of team work.

  • The school parliament consists of one representative of each class from 6th to 10th grades elected by their classmates. These pupils represent the class in school parliament meetings and are obliged to report back to their classmates on the progress and results of them.
  • They are elected for one school year but they may also be replaced if there are reasons to do so and the pupil’s council of the class votes for such a suggestion.
  • During the meeting, a school parliament’s member can give any suggestion or question of his or her class that was approved in the class earlier.

School Parliament Responsibilities

Each member of the School Parliament has the following responsibilities or demonstrates the following character traits:

  • Participate in all School Parliament meetings.
  • Be attentive to any questions, comments, opinions, problems or other issues that students have and, when necessary, report them back to the School Parliament in order for the issues to be addressed.
  • Act as a leader among students.
  • Contribute to the development of the School Parliament’s Annual Plan and actively participate in School Parliament activities.
  • Understand the “Students’ Handbook” and reflect them in all interactions with students, teachers, school management and any other actors that are involved in school activities.
  • Treat everyone with equality and without discrimination.

The Student Committee (School Parliament) General Meetings are held once per week, in a designated classroom on campus.