Parent Committee

The purpose of the MIS Parent Committee is to serve the school’s best interests by supporting the school’s mission, programs, and activities.  The MIS Parent Committee should mirror the goals of the Board of Directors, operating like task units rather than bureaucracies, with the end goal of creating significant contributions to the school for the benefit of all students.

The Parent Committee General Meetings are held once per month, in a designated classroom on campus. 


Parent Committee President

The Parent Committee President plays a leading role in fostering an environment where parent involvement is encouraged and respected. The president organizes meetings, fosters and welcomes inclusiveness and diversity of volunteers and their contributions, and supports the growth and retention of the group. 

Main responsibilities include:

  • Organizing and presiding over all meetings
  • General supervision and leadership of the Parent Committee
  • Be versed in the Parent Committee Guidelines
  • Work with the Vice Principal to set the meeting agenda