What is the Meridian Triangle ?

“Triangle Project” is composed of the school, students (undergraduates & graduates) and the family.

It has been practised since 2002, which has made a beneficial contribution to the school.

The “Triangle Project” is classified as Home Visitation, School Visit (one-on-one consultation), Parents’ Activities, Parents’ Meetings, School Parliament and the Parent Committee.

Our Aim

“Our aim is to establish rapport with students and their parents and get to know them better thus improving each and every student’s success and contributing to the solution of any problems that might occur in the process.

"Small school – Big family"

We regard ourselves as a ‘small school – big family’. Therefore learning and working here is very important to all of us. We expect that every student and many parents will take an active role in enhancing the quality of the school community and the international ideas of the school.