The school runs various Extra Curricular activities which are related to Clubs, Local Trips, International Trips or academic workshops. These activities are planned for the holistic development of all.

Details of activities to be offered will be communicated to all staff at the beginning of each term. The School Event Coordinator will organise all the activities.

Excursions and Trips

Local Trips

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Local trips include going outdoors to a nearby park, going to theatre/cinema, museum, picnic, etc.

International Trips

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Our aim is for our students (and our staff) to widen their scope, be more globally competitive, gain international experiences, interact with people from different countries and thus develop themselves scientifically, competently, sensibly and socially, as well as to practice languages studied and used at school.


As our school’s philosophy is to provide each student a holistic approach to education, we put great emphasis on the role of extracurricular activities. Students are encouraged to participate in these “out-of-class” activities organized by the school.


There are lots of clubs to choose from: chess, newsletter, movie, science, computer, yoga, photography, football, basketball, lego, robotics, and more! Most clubs meet after school. More information on the clubs will be supplied by the respective educators (a detailed letter will be forwarded to you).


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