Our Story

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“We do not learn for the school, but for life”

Tony Nguyen, Co-Founder


Meridian InternatıonalSchool (MIS)

General Education Establishment Meridian International School of I-III stages is a friendly and dynamic educational environment where children are encouraged to develop by friendly, creative and caring high-qualified teachers.

Founded in 2001 Meridian International School is open for children of different ages (from preschool to 11-graders).

Meridian International School operates under direction of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. The school teaches according to the Ministry’s programs and educational plans in all grades. After final examinations all the students receive state diplomas (“atestat”). Meridian International School is honored to be the member of ECIS (European Council of International Schools).

Our school is proud to have a friendly atmosphere. Mutual respect and tolerance are key factors that guarantee high-quality educational processes for all students. Our school is open for children of all nationalities, it accounts for various important aspects of different cultures and religions.

The teaching language in school is either Ukrainian or English; however the subjects are being taught according to the state program in both cases. The educational plan suggests studying the subjects of Sciences, Arts, ICT, Art and Crafts, Sports.

Meridian International School is well-equipped according to the modern principles of education: computer laboratory, library, physics and chemistry laboratory, arts and crafts room, choreography class. Sports and extracurricular activities take a very important place in school life. After their classes are through, students can also participate in clubs and extra-curricular activities likewise, including the opportunity to travel all over Ukraine and abroad.

Immediately after the opening, the school had 50 students from the 1st to 9th grade. Today, school has more than 400 students of 32 different nationalities. The maximum number of students in class is limited to only 20 persons, which in practice is usually less than that.

Meridian International School provides school-bus transportation services to and from different districts in Kiev.